Fitbit review

Fitbit is a health and wellness app developed by one of the most popular makers of fitness trackers by the same name, Fitbit. The app was initially developed for syncing their fitness trackers with users’ smart devices. However, they’ve added improved features to allow usability without the trackers.

The control of Fitbit on the fitness market is obvious from the reported 23.2 million active users and 19.2% control of the wearable tech market. Fitbit is therefore a big competitor for other fitness tracking apps such as Strava or Runkeeper.


Our rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍🏻 The good
  • Compatibility
  • Synchronization
  • Accuracy
👎🏻 The bad
  • Inadequate food database
  • Dependency on Fitbit devices
Fitbit Rating: 7 out of 10

Fitbit compatibility

Being a major player in the health and fitness sector, Fitbit has made their application on the major consumer smart devices on the market. The supported platforms with their official links include;

Pros and Cons


  • Compatibility: The simple ability to allow users control and interact with the app from almost any device is a big plus.
  • Syncing: For users of the Fitbit trackers, the ease of syncing with smart devices allows them effortlessly log and organize their fitness data.
  • Accuracy: This mostly applies to the users of the fitness trackers alongside the app but the fitness services provided by Fitbit have been rated among the best.


  • Database: The food database has been labeled as inadequate putting a little dent in the fitness goals of most users.
  • Solo use: To reap the full benefits of the app, you will need to own a couple of Fitbit devices such as; a tracker, wireless scale. They don’t come free.

Features of Fitbit

Health data tracking: Even without a tracker, the app allows you track your health and fitness activities like you would in a journal. Trackable data range from your weight, height and other physical measurements to details of your nutrition and workout.
The app is reasonably accurate in estimating your calorific expenditure and health needs from the supplied data.

Community: Bundled with the app is an awesome community of users willing to provide assistance and support on your fitness and health journey. The community also allows you compete, in a friendly manner, with other users, giving you greater motivation.

Extras: As already mentioned, to make the best out of the app, you need a couple of add-ons. Although some of these seem unnecessary, features such as; sleep tracking and wireless scale syncing could really help with the most health-conscious folks out there.

Tips for using Fitbit

Customize your layout

One feature which may be annoying to most casual users is the bunch of information displayed on the dashboard. Easily deal with this by;

  • Tapping edit on the upper left corner of the app
  • Uncheck any of the available data you deem unnecessary
  • Re-arrange your relevant data by the drag and drop method

Third party compatibility

Expand the features of the app through supported third-party apps such as MyFitnessPal which expands your food database. To do this,

  • Go to your Account tab
  • Tap on Compatible Apps to view the available selection and select your preferred option


The impact of Fitbit on the fitness market is huge making this app a necessity for users of other Fitbit devices and a very good offering for non-users looking to improve their health. It should be noted that the purpose of the app is not to make you fit but to assist you in getting fit