review is interested in creating a real and lasting match with another user rather than just a short-term hookup. This is evident by the system in place to find other users. Unlike other apps, is focused on finding information about YOU, to create matches with other users that fit alongside your personality.

The app has a great layout and friendly approach to dating- conveniently showing concise information on your small profile. I find that other apps, such as Bumble, for example only ask for very basic and minimal information. goes above this to some extent, a result of which is the undeniability of the creation of better quality matches. is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Our rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍🏻 The good
  • User interface
  • Detailed search
  • Lot of users
👎🏻 The bad
  • Price
  • Limited functions in free version Rating: 7 out of 10

Pros and cons of


  • Beautiful user interface, well-thought out, and modernly designed
  • Questions are direct and useful, information on the profile is pertinent and easily accessible
  • Simple to search for new users and potential matches, “Shuffle” feature shows 100 users per day
  • Excellent search functionality


  • Many features are only available through a paid subscription
  • Can only send a certain amount of messages without subscription
  • Too many different categories of matches, not grouped together in one place (such as a message list or inbox)
  • Overpriced subscription service

Becoming a user on

The signup process for the app was one of the simplest, fastest and honestly, best that I’ve seen up to this point. It took a mere 5 minutes but managed to obtain good information and I felt that after I had filled in my information, my profile accurately represented a good portion of who I am. After the my core information was added, I was prompted to add more personal preferences if I wanted, and shown an infographic stating that the more information added to one’s profile, the more matches that person gets.

Setting up the profile farther than just the initial basic information was also very easy. Photos, questions, and a biography were available to fill out before the profile is considered 100 per cent complete.

Finding the Perfect Match

The basic subscription does allows for specific filtering of users, from features such as height and nationality to hair color, length, or eye color. This high-quality search function is not available in most other services, if so, usually only with paid subscription. Recognition where recognition is due, is doing very well in this respect. Only parallel with OkCupid on the search functionality.

However, the ‘discover’ section of the app, only shows 100 non-curated users in your area. There doesn’t seem to be any available options to filter the results of the ‘discover’ matches.

Communication, an absolutely vital feature of any dating service, is a hassle and unenjoyable on the app. Having to subscribe to send the first message is ridiculous.

This does not allow for user communication and takes away everything a dating app is supposed to be- a platform for meeting and talking to new people. This environment is not well suited for cultivating new and meaningful matches. A serious drawback in this app and something that must be remedied.

Subscribing to is it worth it?

The premium service is available at three different price points. 1 Month for $39.99, 3 for $79.99 and 6 also for $79.99. These prices are extremely high for the quality of features received. The subscription gives 4 main features;

  • Allows you to always see who has liked you
  • Sending and receiving all messages
  • Discounted price on offline events
  • Ad-free app experience.

Most of these features are already available for free on other apps, such as Tinder. Why then, should anyone be paying 40$ a month for such benefits when it would be simple to just switch to another service.

The interface and overall design of the app however, is among the nicest that I’ve seen. There is obvious thought that went into the user experience and it not only shows clearly, but does a great job of making the app easily navigable and new user friendly. This is one of the main pulls for using the app. 10/10 for design and an inviting interface.

Final thoughts

Concluding,, like all dating services has some pulls and drawbacks. I would recommend it to someone who has cash to spare and is willing to go out with many different people. However, if you’re on a budget or prefer messaging over meeting up, go for a different service. On a final note, at the time of writing, I have already received 5 emails from I signed up a mere 48 hours ago. If this is something that would bother you, make sure you use a throwaway email address!