Runkeeper review

When making an effort to “get fit” it is important to track your progress and get positive feedback. Not only does this motivate you to try harder as you see your (hopefully improving) progress, but like most things in life, when you are competing with others, you tend to try harder.

Now, why do I mention these two features, when talking about a fitness application?  Well, simply put, it’s because with Runkeeper that’s its specialty!


Our rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

👍🏻 The good
  • Great integration
  • Lot of functions in Free tier
  • Custom workouts
👎🏻 The bad
  • Premium plan is quite expensive
Runkeeper Rating: 7 out of 10

Compatibility of Runkeeper

Runkeeper offers direct website access and also integrates with most of the larger fitness peripherals in the market via the app.  It can be downloaded or accessed via any of the following links:

What is Runkeeper?

Runkeeper is a smartphone and web based application with a massive (50 million+) worldwide community of motivated athletes. 

While it is called Runkeeper, it actually helps track any fitness related activity and it has extremely good ties to a host of peripherals and wearables.  It integrates with both Facebook and Google ensuring ease of use and also offers dedicated email integration if you are not a fan of social media.

Really Runkeeper is the single app to conquer them all as even with its free offering it’s an extremely robust and usable tool much like it’s competitors, e.g. Strava. Purchasing a subscription simply makes it even more powerful.

Pros and Cons of Runkeeper


  • Works really well with smart watches (Android Wear and Apple Watch)
  • Excellent integration with many other fitness peripherals and apps
  • Good GPS tracking and recognition
  • Basic (free) plan offers the essentials at no cost
  • Custom workouts available at no cost
  • Access to challenges available at no cost


  • Upgraded plan is perhaps a bit too expensive at $9.95/mo.  However, features offered for this cost are excellent with premium training plans and live tracking topping the list.

Features of Runkeeper

Runkeeper is an easy to use app that works really well.  After you launch the app, you can easily start tracking your run with a simple tap of a button.  You are able to play music through other apps (Audible, Spotify, Play Music or Apple Music to name a few) while you run and the voiceover from the application will update you on your pace and distance at the appropriate intervals.

During the course of your run, Runkeeper displays your distance and pace in large, easy-to-read numbers. Time, average time, and calories are also displayed and when you end the run or activity, you will also be presented with a route map.  All of this information is stored automatically and can also be shared via social media.

Some Tips and Tricks for Runkeeper

Integrate Runkeeper with your existing peripherals as much as possible.  Keep in mind that you can utilize the Runkeeper data to feed information into other fitness consolidation applications like Google Fit and MyFitnessPal which saves you the effort of logging your data into multiple locations.

  • Take advantage of the Challenges and other group activities available – they will help drive and motivate you to succeed.
  • Use the app with your smartwatch if you have one.  It is very easy to launch and works extremely well.  If your smartwatch has GPS functionality (Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3 for example) then you are able to leave your phone at home which will make your run even easier.
  • Integrate your Spotify account with Runkeeper if you can.  You will be able to create and use personalized playlists and also take advantage of Spotify Running support.
  • Take advantage of the social features of the app and website to find some local running buddies!


Running is an excellent way of getting and keeping fit and regardless of how active you already are, it is something that is very easy to start at a minimal cost.  Runkeeper is one of the best apps on the market to help track your activities and with its open architecture, it lets developers continue to add additional features to the app making it more and more useful.